Brother's unreliable, scrapped for parts


486 given to a friend in hopes she'd use it to email me

Microsoft Intellimouse

ATI Remote Wonder

Antec SmartCool Thermally-Controlled Variable Speed 92mm Case Fan

IOGear USB 2.0 card GIC250U

Promise Fast-Trak 100 ATA-Raid Controller - no 64-bit WinXP drivers

LynkSys EtherFast 10/100 LAN Card LNE100TX v4

Labtec Axis-301 headset - pad broken off

Maxtor 5000DV external Firewire/USB 2.0 combo HDD died: poor design subjected to drive to excessive heat
tried Western Digital model??, far to finicky: unplug in precise order, unplug before powering down computer, stop before unplugging... lost all my data twice. p.o.s. returned it to wonderful people at Fry's. Lost driver disc for Maxtor. email support horrible, phone support awesome. (don't need drivers for XP, or for Firewire under 98 with the Firewire update, however for USB 2.0 under Win98 need Microsoft mass storage update & drivers from disc or ftp site)

VICS Technology Cooling After RDS7-CA

Labtec Axis 301 headset

AVB Mobile Drive 512MB USB2.0 Flash drive - died

RadioShack Computer Headphone Speaker Switch 26-204

Creative USB v.92 modem DE5671 - only Creative modem found that supports caller ID. Not supported by Creative's Software AutoUpdate. No 64-bit drivers.

Sony Trinitron Multiscan 20se 20" monitor GDM20SE - default support under Win98SE, no specific drivers available for XP - replaced with Westinghouse 24" widescreen LCD

LiteOn DVD+R/RW - replaced with black DVD-writer

Pacific Digital USB CD-RW 4x4x8 Image-10.JPG CR-4824TU - no win95 drivers

Atech 5-in-1 dual interface card reader
  • XD to smartmedia adapter
  • USB adapter - doesn't work

Kanguru - Internal 6-in-1card reader - replace by Atech Pro-28U

Asus P2B-S motherboard - salvaged from scrap. was the ideal motherboard I wanted before the one I'm currently using

Quantum ProDrive ELS 170MB hard disk drive P/N 230092-170

Cambridge Soundworks 3 speaker system

S3 Savage IX PCI video card  8MB - purchased for Sager docking station

Lexmark Z65 photo printer - bought for my girlfriend for the print speed, doesn't feed properly, skip lines now, replaced with Canon Pixma IP4000

external Firewire/USB 2.0 drive enclosure

external Firewire enclosures - scrapped

DataSwitch - dying, often doesn't make full contact when switching over, leaving a blue hue. dead

USB Bay - 3U1S1P

Creative SoundBlaster 16 PNP ISA Soundcard model CT2980 - includes CD-ROM controller

SURFboard SB3100 Cable Modem rental returned, purchased  LinkSys EtherFast Cable modem BEFCMU10v.2

Netgear 4 port 10/100Mps Dual Speed Hub Image-11.JPGDS104

LinkSys EtherFast Cable / DSL Router BEFSR41

USRobotics Sportster 33.6 Faxmodem external modem Model 0648 - replaced with internal 56k

LynkSys 10/100 EtherFast PCMCIA network card PCMPC100 - traded for LinkSys combo PCMCIA Ethernet card EC2T for dongle design - doesn't seem to work

Intel EtherExpress Pro 10+ ISA - replaced with Netgear FA311

Logitech Trackman Stationary Mouse Trackball - replaced with keypad w/ built-in touchpad

T. S. MicroTech CardCombo Fancard/IO card

Fan Card

Bay Cooler

CoolerMaster DP5-5G11A-01

Iwill Super Slocket III (does not adjust voltage: doesn't work for PIII > 600MHz)

Creative Ovation-DVD drive spin motor died

Sony DVD drive died

BURN Proof CD-RW CRD-DP1600P - died (suspect bad power supply fried)

UMAX Astra 2000U Scanner - glass brackets broke

Creative Video Blaster WebCam Go - dropped and busted up lens assembly

Ezonics DualCam - very dissatisfied, only holds 20 pictures in camera mode, seperate system for camera mode and cam, I don't care for the proprietary software setup, and it takes down the computer if you hit a button while it's hooked up (noted in the manual, but it's still poor design). For $10 more I should've gotten the Intel or the Creative WebCam Go again; finally busted

RadioShack DigiTraveler GPS dropped down stairs

Canon MultiPASS C5000 - cumbersome TSR program & never any updates, replaced with Lexmark

Canon BJC-4100 color printer

KDS Visual Sensations 14" Ultra VGA Color Monitor VS-4 - replaced with 17"

Eagle Electric Surge Protector

InterAct Raider Pro Digital joystick USB

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